CLIL Video

Here is the worksheet I prepared for the video we watched of the science lab lesson using CLIL. I have also included a link to the video.

external image pdf.png CLIL-Lab.pdf

Here's the link to the video on YouTube:

Sessió AICLE / CLIL al laboratori de química, a l'institut Frederic Mompou de Sant Vicenç dels Horts, curs 2008-09. Els alumnes són de 4t ESO.

I have found some more materials by the teacher in the video, Joan Alberich. You can find his lesson plan including all of the handouts and teaching aids he used. It is an excellent lesson plan with comprehensive notes and an analysis of the rationale behind many of the choices made.

English through Science


Here are the links to the websites which feature some great material to help you with your pronunciation which I talked about in class:

The Sounds of English

British Council Phonemic Chart

PET Reading Test

Here are the solutions to the PET reading (and writing test) which we started in class: